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14 Different Music Dial (Musician) Charts to Choose From...

  • Music Dial
  • Music Dial
  • Music Dial
  • These Music Dials can enhance musical ability

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Thanks for making this product... what a great way to organize the essential music concepts into very handy and useful dial charts. Way easier to use than flipping through pages and pages of books to the point of frustration." - Jaime Vega, Sarasota, FL

The Original Music Dials... Since 1990

Discover your musical skills... now available for all instruments, for all styles and all types of players.

Hi, Ron Greene here...
Many musicians have discovered that the Music Dial Charts are the most effective at-a-glance visual reference guides available for showing you the best sounding musical scale notes for playing solos and chords for accompaniment in every key.

The Music Dial Charts even make music theory seem easy - and you'll also find out how to play songs by ear, faster than ever before. All delivered directly to you on a hand-held reference chart.

Are you possibly feeling left out because you can't keep up with other musicians?... or, maybe you're just looking for a way to explode your existing playing skills. In any case, once you see what the Music Dial Charts can do for you, your fingertips will literally be feeling comfortable and going anywhere on your, stringed fretboard or (piano) keyboard.

Once you discover its many uses, the Music Dial Chart will become your permanent fixture in your musician's library, as a lifetime music reference guide and your primary instrument playing resource assistant. You're just minutes away from discovering insights into becoming a better player.

Like a Dictionary is to a Writer, the Music Dial Chart has many uses for any Musician's skill set.

In many instances the Music Dial Charts will become your "go-to" guide for solos and chords.

The original Rhythm Guitar Dial has been updated with a two-sided Guitar Accompaniment Chords containing 24 charts. Just turn this dial chart to the musical key you want to play in and it shows you all the essential chords commonly used for your songs in that tonic note and chord. This is really great for composing as well as learning how to play songs, while discovering and expanding on basic music theory.

It not only shows you how to play each chord, but also shows you the extensions, such as how to make seventh chords and more! The Music Chart is a complete lifetime reference guide.

Simply Turn The Dial To The Key of Choice... Jam Away!

The roman numerals show you the position of the chord in a chord progression. For example, in the Key of C, you can see that a I-IV-V progression would be the chords C, F, and G.

The small numbers under each chord diagram give you the fingering positions for playing the chords, chord arpeggios, chord patterns, and chord forms.

  • Immediately play open position chords, including fingering

  • Play chord extensions, including 7th chords

  • Quickly create and play chord progressions

  • Enjoy transposing chords and keys for songs

  • Discover circle of fifths and chord theory

  • Discover which chords and extensions to play in each key

Discover the secrets of the Professionals.

The solo charts show you patterns in each key and the location of these on your fretboard or keyboard.

Once you learn a musical scale pattern, you can use it to play great sounding solos in different keys just by changing the starting fret or keyboard position. It's all spelled out for you on the Music Dial Charts.

  • Discover which scales are used to play leads/solos
  • Pentatonic and blues scales
  • Tips for playing leads/solos in each key
  • Recognize lead/solo patterns used for melodic solos
  • Lead/solo patterns used for blues solos
  • Find out lead/solo patterns used for minor solos
  • Scale theory, patterns and formulas become a breeze
  • Understand music theory naturally
  • Discover references for jamming, improvising and playing along

The Ultimate Music Teaching Tool

As a professional music teacher, I recommend the Music Dials to every student as a great reference tool that reinforces our teaching program. In addition, the music charts provide a terrific practice tool for all ability levels. Dave Reid, Music Teacher with DB Music - Hesperia, CA

Immediately play accompaniment and solos in any key, with any chords or notes, on your Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Banjo, Keyboard or any band instrument. Play chord progressions and extensions. Transpose all keys and chords. Learn circle of fifths, chord theory, and 7th chords.

You'll find that the Music Dial will "open doors" in your music. Use it as your dictionary of music expansion. It's powerful, interactive qualities make it easy to use. Play confidently and sound great in any situation.

It's a Songwriter's Dream!


A student learning music musicdials assist keyboard playing

Music dial, CD, and lesson sheet included
(example: keyboard)


The original Music Dial packages include: your Music Dial - with 12 charts on the front and additional, useful reference information on the back- Lesson Sheet, and audio play-along CD.

With over 70 minutes of content, the CD Lessons empower you with the essential knowledge you need to be a better player. And, the additional Jam Tracks on this CD give you a practice platform to hone your skills.

Get totally "Dialed-In" with the Music Dial and CD. The Jam Tracks were recorded in the studio with professional musicians. All Jam Tracks feature Stereo Separation, so you can listen to just the featured instrument, the featured instrument with the entire band, or the jam band alone, allowing you to play along.

The new and improved Music Charts are two-sided and contain 24 charts each. These new guides are more simple, easy to use, and no longer require or include explanatory CDs.

Become the Player You've Always Wanted To Be... order yours today!

Your investment in the Music Dial (musicians) Charts and in your instrument playing is just pennies, compared to paying for one single lesson. It's "half" the cost! And, you get to keep your Music Dial as a reference tool for a lifetime!

By knowing which chords and notes to play in each key, sounding great has never been easier.

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  • Music Dial
  • Music Dial
  • Music Dial
  • These Music Dials can enhance musical ability







14 Different Music Dial (Musician) Charts to Choose From


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