Questions and Answers

What are Music Dials?

Ron Greene Music Dials Charts include:

  • Guitar: accompaniment, lead, rock and blues power chords, slide guitar, and guitar chords
  • Bass: accompaniment and solo
  • Mandolin: accompaniment and solo
  • Banjo: accompaniment and solo
  • Keyboard: accompaniment
  • All Instruments: transposing

Why a movable dial?

All in one easy to hold visual guide that is compact, precise and fits into your instrument case:

The dial allows us to pack an entire book’s worth of material into a very simple-to-use device. The beauty of the dial is that while it contains a wealth of information about all 12 keys of music, it displays information one key at a time, allowing you to focus on exactly what you need.

How hard is it to use the Music Dial?

How To Use The Music Dials:

Surprisingly easy. One neat thing about playing music is, when you learn something like a lead pattern or a chord progression, you can use it over and over, in other positions and in other keys. The Music Dials show you the basic structure of music in a way that’s easy to understand and use. You’ll be amazed at how simple it can be.

For Music Dials that come with the CD, what do the lessons on the CD cover?

What do the lessons and jam tracks on the Music Dials CDs cover:

Some of the Music Dials come with a CD, it depends on the which dial you buy. Basically the lessons teach you how to use the dial quickly and effectively. They also teach you the fundamentals of music necessary to get ready to play along with the jam tracks.

The jam tracks were laid down by professional musicians to give you a practice platform where you can try out the things you learn in the lessons, or to simply hone your skills. The jam tracks allow you to practice in several different popular keys, playing a variety of different styles of music.

Stereo separation allows you to use the Jam Tracks as precisely as you want to. The left channel is the feature instrument and the style that you are learning. The right channel is the backup band. If you are just starting, you will probably listen to the mix to get the feel of the music. Then you might concentrate just on your instrument on the left channel. For practicing, you use the right channel and play along with the band.