Ron Greene here…
developer of the Music Dial Charts.

I was going through one of our file drawers and ran across this small pamphlet for musicians. It’s a guitar note and chord musical reference guide…

And I want you to have it at no charge!

I only ask that you let me know that you are a real musician (person) and provide your first name and email and you’ll be taken immediately and directly over to this free musician’s guide PDF for your enjoyment.

This booklet includes; Key Signatures and the Circles of Fifths, how to play chords in accompaniment, playing chord extensions, melody and lead notes, scale references, and much more.

As you know, most songs are played in a key. And most styles can be played using 8 chords for accompaniment and 6 scales for melodies or solos in each key.

Experience music theory… naturally, and enjoy your complimentary Musician’s Reference Guide…pdf download as my gift to you!

Until next time, Jam On!

Ron Greene,
at (970) 259-5214

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