Ron Greene's Music Dials - Banjo

The Banjo Solo Dial shows you 4 popular scales used to play great sounding banjo solos in each key for all styles including bluegrass.

The five most commonly used scale patterns/positions are shown on the music dials for the major scale, major pentatonic scale, relative minor scale and relative minor pentatonic scale.

The Back of the Dial is loaded with information and tips about playing 5-string banjo solos including a diagram showing all the notes on the banjo neck.

The instructional CD for this dial contains both lessons and jam tracks. The lessons teach you the fundamentals of music and how to use the dial. The jam tracks provide you with the opportunity to practice using a wide variety of music styles and tempos in all popular major and minor keys.

Example scales for key of G / Em

Key G:

Key Em:
Melodic sound: G major scale (black and white notes)

Major sound: E relative minor scale (black and white notes)
or G major pentatonic scale (black notes only)

or E relative minor pentatonic scale
(black notes only)

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